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The SEO Give and Take. For months now, I’ve been advising my clients on a content marketing strategy that is genuine, lasting, and helpful (with search engine optimization). Google’s latest update makes my aforementioned presumptions very clear. SEO toying hurts, thought leadership helps.

For as long as I’ve been in the field of websmithing, I’ve watched SEO consultants tailor metadata and high-level back end coding to bolster Google rankings. It is genius but it isn’t sincere and those companies (beneficiaries of SEO consulting) typically have to adjust their websites every time Google has an update. 

Meanwhile, social media, blogging, and content-generation (in general) is viewed by most businesses as child’s play. Well consider this, Google is in the business of curating, organizing, and web-crawling for data. Ask yourself this question: Does Google want a static internet or a dynamic one? They want an internet with frequent updates, thought leadership, answered questions, and so forth. In return, they reward those sites with better organic rankings, cheaper advertising costs, optimal social layering, and improved general consumer awareness. It is the give and take of search engine optimization. You better find your company a good copywriter.